Hello, you! Nice to see you!


Dani Toxic - Bio



Hiya 👋 I'm Dan/Dani/Danni/Danielle depending on what day you get me 🤣

As I'm sure you can guess already, I loves an emoji 😏 ooo and a gif, gotta love a gif, I'm very much a pic explains it all kinda girl ☺

My vintage style is a bit of a mix really, Being apple shaped, I love having anything to accentuate my waist or totally the opposite and going oversized 🤪 but you can't beat a good dungaree and dagger collar shirt combo.

As a group we've known each other for nearly 30 years 🤗 but as I'm the fresh face in TV, I'll tell you about my background... so I have 7 years of experience within the bridal industry, predominantly within luxury service, styling and media. I'm a working momma of a 4 year old and a 35 year old (hubby 😆) and I've just recently worked in the NHS during the pandemic at a GP surgery that also doubled as a vaccination centre 💪

I am the newly appointed General Manager of the TV team and will assist in handpicking gorgeous new pieces and preparing them for sale, dealing with your comments, messages and queries, and generally bringing some fun!

With my boy starting school in September, along with Hayley’s little girl, what better time for us to all be working together. LETS DO WHAT MAKES US HAPPY 😊


1) Favourite Emoji and Why - 🛼 It reminds me of being a kid being obsessed with my roller blades
2) Favourite Food - Paella
3) Favourite Comedian - Bo Burnham
4) Favourite Film - The Pianist
5) Favourite Drink - Tom Collins
6) Favourite Band - Incubus

I look forward to speaking with you all! 💖

Dani x