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The word ‘Toxic’, whilst it might seem strange to some, especially in respect of vintage clothing (!) means a huge amount to us.

In our early teens, we were in a girl band called The Toxics! Actually, that’s a lie; we were originally Grandads Toxic Bonfire, then The Toxic Bonfires, and then The Toxics, in our later and more experimental years! 🤣☮️

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We played all our own instruments and covered many tunes from The Undertones to The Strokes, and from the Sex Pistols to the Hives, and we bloody loved it!

We gigged regularly with lots of our friends who are some of Sheffield’s finest (one you might have heard of… scroll for gig ticket!)

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So we have carried the Toxic name with us for many years, really because it reminds us of our youth and fun times, before jobs, marriages and kids put a stop to it all! 🤣❤️

We adopted a very Ramones style approach with our names; Hayley Toxic (Lead Guitar), Tara Toxic (Bass) and Dani Toxic (Drums), with @caseytoxic providing some belting vocals and Liv Toxic @olivija_h on rhythm guitar!

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So there you have it! And just to clarify, WE are Toxic, the clothes are fine! 🤣

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